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Arroyo Grande Woman Killed in Collision with Big Rig on Highway 166

A 40-year-old Arroyo Grande woman identified as Anna Katherine Beckner was killed after her vehicle was struck by a big rig delivery truck. According to published reports, the accident occurred on May 4, 2012 at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Highway 166 just west of Wasioja Road in Santa Barbara County.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman reported that the woman's Pontiac sedan collided head-on with a big rig truck that was loaded with 15,000 pounds of strawberries. Tragically, Ms. Beckner was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver of the big rig truck did not suffer any injuries. Accidents involving big rig trucks often result in fatal and severe injuries to other motorists because of the disproportionate size and weight of the big rig trucks.

In order to avoid deadly accidents such as this, commercial truck drivers must comply with extensive training and testing programs. Additionally, commercial truck drivers must comply with hours-of-service regulations to avoid the dangers associated with driver exhaustion. An employer may be liable for a trucking accident if it fails to require its drivers to comply with the various state and federal regulations that govern commercial trucking. An in-depth investigation is essential to determine if employer and/or driver negligence caused the accident.

At Matiasic & Johnson LLP our dedicated trial lawyers have a proven track record of success advocating on behalf of victims of trucking accidents and their families. We remain committed to making negligent commercial truck drivers and their employers pay while helping families overcome tragic accidents.

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